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Webathon Reveals Andy Adoration

Thanks to those of you who have sent generosity our way, a vote for the exceptional analysis and commentary NR writers produce all day, every day, a vote in particular of appreciation for the brilliant coverage of the Clinton Email Scandal. If you come to NRO frequently and derive pleasure and wisdom from the terrific writing produced by the all-star team Rich Lowry and Charlie Cooke have assembled, then please donate here.

As is our custom, we are thrilled to share the inspiring comments of some of our donor / friends:

Bruce drops a cool $50 on us and says “I’d much rather donate to NR (and TWS and AS) than the former party of my affiliation. I’m looking forward to meeting you all this November for the cruise.” Thanks for the plug — anyone else interested should visit

Jae sends along $25 and mistakenly belittles his generosity: “Wish it could be more. I’m on SS. YOUR TEAM DOES EXCELLENT WORK. WISH THE MSM WOULD REPORT THE TRUTH. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Jae, it’s perfect — and I am sure it will inspire a few others to do what you have done.

Along with his $50 contribution, Mark speaks for thousands of you: “Should have done this sooner.” Maybe, but we’re into later also. Grazie!

Another $50 comes from Jeffrey who bluntly states: “Greatest single source of conservative news. Thank you!” Back at you J-Man.

David knows when it’s his time to buy a round, so he sends us $25 and says “As we approach the most depressing Presidential election in my lifetime, National Review has been something of a redoubt, reminding me that this (probably) isn’t the end of the world and that better times will (maybe) come again. Time for me to pony up for the privilege, I suppose. Thanks for all you do.” Do not despair David ’cause we shall prevail against the Gate of Hell!

And let’s end this with Mary. Lovely sweet Mary. She sent $250. And then she gushed: “I don’t like Andy — I adore him!”

Me too (it’s okay, my wife knows). And the same goes for a lot of you. There are plenty of ways to express adoration, but how about just this once, instead of only saying to your computer screen “Wow, that Andy McCarthy is something else!” that you also please donate so we can continue to publish his terrific commentary

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