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They Came, They Saw, They Donated

The Defense of Rorke’s Drift 1879 by Alphonse de Neuville (Wikimedia)

. . . and, thusly, conquered.

It was an epic battle in which we — and “we” refers to every conservative who understood the deadly threat the Democrats and the Hard Left posed not only to the Kavanaugh nomination, but to the core American principles of justice, due process, and that thing called . . . truth — prevailed. At NR HQ, we are receiving lots of communications about the vital role we played in this fight, which looked like it was going south at one point.

But it didn’t. Why? Because: The determined fought.

Have you seen Zulu? If yes, you will remember this scene, in which the sanctimonious preacher (brilliantly played by Jack Hawkins) leaves the beleaguered mission station of Rorke’s Drift by hollering (“You have made a covenant with death!”) that the small contingent of insanely outnumbered British soldiers were “all going to die.”

The harangue unnerves one soldier, who asks the cool colour sergeant (Nigel Green, in another memorable performance) the question asked on many a difficult occasion: “Why us?”

His answer: “Because we’re here lad. There’s nobody else. Just us.” And they fought. And prevailed.

The sergeant’s response is what often proves the best and simplest and sole answer for fighting the good fight, even though outnumbered, even though against determined and well-fortified enemies. We fight at NR, and do so with conviction and consequence because alongside “just us” atop the ramparts, is . . . you. No matter how many attack — you are there. Why? Because you know that the fight must be fought, and that we complement each other, you so brilliantly with your generous financial support.

We seek that support now, during our Fall 2018 Webathon, in which we hope to raise $200,000 (more if possible) to provide the ammunition NR needs (sorely!) to combat the enemies of conservatism’s great project, which is the protection of the principles that underwrite America’s Founding and, indeed, of Western civilization. The very things the Left despises. And as we witnessed in the Kavanaugh struggle, without shame.

To date we have raised — make that, over 1,000 good friends have contributed — $105,766 towards this goal. This support has come in chunks from $5,000 to $5. Who knows which one is the Widow’s Mite? — all that is given is received with immense gratitude. Especially if you are someone who frequents our vital website day in and out, but who in this appeal, or any previous appeal, has been, shall we say, unresponsive to these entreaties (you should read what Rich, Charlie, MBD, and Jim have had to say), we ask that you find it in your heart — and yes, in your wallet — to donate. Which can be done here.

NR Staff — Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”

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