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Webathon Update: Going Well, But Planet Soros Still Distant Target

We are on Day Nine of NRO’s Spring Webathon and thrilled that some 639 of you have seen fit to send a contribution. Raised so far: just over $97,000. That ain’t hay. But we still have a long way to go to reach out target of $246,000, which is a lousy thousandth of the largesse that George Soros showered and spread over his left-wing minions in the early part of this decade. That’s still a lot of dough for us normal folk, but In the cause of defending liberty and free speech and unalienable rights – which NR brilliantly articulates and aggressively fights for around the clock – it’s a goal we urge you to help achieve.

In doing this, you will help NRO cover a big hunk of the bill for the website rebuild (mama mia come this Fall, NRO is going to be so swift, klunk-free, and groovy), plus defray the legal bills we incur in the ongoing Mann v. National Review battle to defend the First Amendment and free speech, and then to give us the means to hire a desperately needed editor.

To those who have stepped up so far, many thanks. What follows are a few examples of who gave what, and said what when doing so:

  • I like this Phillip. He gives $100 and offers a simple and honest assessment of this joint: “Your site is a port in the storm of irresponsible traditional media.”

  • Debra did a sweet thing. She sent us $50 to honor a pal. Here’s why: “In loving memory of my friend Carol . . . who introduced me to National Review back in the early 80’s. Who also snapped a pic of me, looking like the star-struck fan I was, and WFB outside the NY Public Library one evening.” Deb you are a class act.

  • It sure was generous of Michael to send us $200, and these inspiring words: “From my first introduction in the university library, to the last issue well into my 61st year, NR has been a constant source of inspiration and thoughtful analysis. This is only the smallest token of the gratitude I feel.” Mikey you have made my day!

  • Now there are notes, and then, there are notes. Along with a $100 kiss from Abigail is this: “My 10-year-old homeschooled son reads NRO over my shoulder every day. I have been an NR reader since high school when a cute boy offered to let me read it at his house when my liberal parents wouldn’t let me read it at mine. (This might be setting some sort of bad example but then again it might not.) I look forward to my email from JG every Friday evening, although I question the embedded targeted ads: last week my husband walked by, paused to look at my iPad, and said ‘why did Jonah Goldberg send you a bra?’ I assured him it was all aboveboard and thus he graciously allows me to donate. To sum up, thanks, NR, for changing the course of my life when I was 15; and no, I will not say how many years ago that was.” But Abie honey, did you marry that cute boy? And as for that Jonah bra thing, I need to talk to your husband.

  • Let’s end by noting Kenneth’s $25 high five and the Latin lather he has worked up over our founder: “I am happy to donate even a small amount to a publication that gives me such a consistently fair and conservative account of our world. Long live the memory of William Buckley! Deus te benedicat!” Thankus youibus!

Now folks, especially those of you who 1. are NRO fanatics, but 2. have yet to make a contribution in recent months or (for many of you) years: Please get down to business so we can continue this business. Here’s how you can the Spring Webathon become a Soros-souring success. Make your contribution on the NRO donation page. Or, if you prefer the old-fashioned way, make the check payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 215 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016. And finally, PayPal pals can contribute here. Thanks one and all!


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