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Webathon Waiting for You to Celebrate NR’s Six-Oh!

Come here often? Somehow I have the feeling I should be wearing fishnet stockings when I ask that. Anyway: We’re in the midst of our annual end-of-year online fundraiser, which overlays brilliantly with our 60th anniversary, and we are hoping that those of you who do indeed come here often will see fit to help defray the big bills that come with publishing exceptional commentary and analysis. Please make your generous donation here.

Need inspiration as to why you might give? Here are a few comments that have accompanied the sawbucks and Benjamins of your fellow NRO readers.

Very cool Claudia sends $25 smackers and says, “Believe it or not, I am a left-leaning Democrat — but one who appreciates and sees the value of an alternative voice. I don’t always agree with what you write, but I am very grateful that you write it.”

Phil N sends $100 and these kind words: “Because I love reading every word of Jonah’s newsletter on Friday. Oh, and that Williamson guy is pretty good too. And French, and Hanson . . . Well.”

JWH drops $25 in the basket and sighs, “Would like to give more, but the ACA put my block of business in a death spiral.”

And clearly moved by the webathon appeal of Kat Timpf (now under fire from Star Wars fans), Stephen A tosses NRO $25 and proclaims “Okay guys, you’ve stopped playing fair. I’m as heartless as every stereotype the Left makes of us and can resist any sales pitch. Except when made by an intelligent, beautiful young lady. Like I said, that’s just not fair.”


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