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Webathon Words of Wisdom

We are grateful to the many friends who are stepping up to help NRO in our 60th Anniversary fundraiser (you can make a donation here). As we have recounted several times in recent years, our later founder, Bill Buckley, believed he owned NR on behalf of the many supporters who had pitched in to keep the world’s premier voice of conservative sanity articulating, yelling, and influencing. This is your opportunity to play a vital part in keeping NR in the fight. Some who have done so also pass along a compliment or story or encouraging words — we’ll share a few of such here.

‐Comes $25 kind dollars from Sue Ann H, and this story: “I started following William F. Buckley as a young housewife in the 1960s. He was pure genius. I am now 71 and read National Review articles of interest on line every night. There is always thoughtful debate in those articles. I wouldn’t miss Jonah Goldberg’s Friday column. A lot has changed in the 50 years since I starting following Bill Buckley. However, National Review remains true to the conservative roots that brought me here in the beginning.” Sue if you were here right now I’d kiss you. Of course, you might prefer Jonah. Regardless, thanks so much.

‐A welcome $50 contribution comes from Adam B, who turns the gratitude table on us: “Thank you for all that you do to advance the cause of free people and free markets. Perspective and sobriety are sorely lacking in our political discourse, and NR helps to fill the void.” No, thank you Adam. And speaking of sobriety . . .

‐Charles W sends a mighty nice $150 and this thought: “Jack, I only have one complaint. You don’t allow the partaking of alcohol on your cruises and limit reservations to those under 40. Other than that all is well.” Ah Charles, I think you have that all backwards. But if you or anyone wants to know more about NR Cruises, they need only visit here.

‐And finally George H tosses 25 bucks into the collection basket and adds, “In for some major surgery on Monday but will kick in a few bucks before the docs get hold of me! Keep up the good work.” Good grief George, I just said a Hail Mary for you. Hope you come through with flying colors. God bless and good luck.

Folks, don’t be shy. Do your part in the relentless effort to stand athwart history, yelling stop. Please make your NR 60th Anniversary donation here

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