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Webathoners Speak!

Friends, Romans, and countrymen, we’ve got the Spring 2016 NR Webathon underway, and we’re hoping you’ll consider Jay Nordlinger’s wise and cheerful explanation as to why you should contribute — which you can do right here

But there are others to be heard from, good people such as Pete O who tosses 25 bucks NR’s way and says “Thank you for fighting the good fight against Trump and leading the way on all things conservative.” You’re welcome, and that’s why we’re here.

Another 25 dollars, this from Denise, come with these encouraging words: “Keep doing what you’re doing. You are the voice of reason in a sea of crazies.”

Then there’s Nancy, who unburdens her wallet of $100, and her conscience too: “Read Jonah, Kevin Williamson, David French, and Charles Cooke every time they post an article. Felt guilty getting so much for free.” Ah, if only others saw it as you do.

Next up: this inspiring note from Paul D, who drops a C Note in the basket and hallelujahs: ”‘This is a kind of heaven for me: immersed in wise, stylish writing about things I care about.’ As usual, Jay puts it exactly right. You guys are the best, which is why I’ll NEVER cancel my NRODT subscription, and usually donate to your online campaigns. Keep it up!” Thanks Paul — very inspiring words.

And we’ll end with Big Phil from Big Easy, who donates $199 and cheers: “I love it that NR’s writers and editors refuse to back down in the face of the wrath of the Trumpkins. Never give up . . . Never surrender!”

As long as our friends help us out, we’ll never. Contribute to the NR Spring 2016 Webathon here


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