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Greetings from the glorious Douro River in Portugal. If you are not sailing with us, you have missed a tremendous experience — a phenomenal trip, beautiful scenery and tours, wonderful discussions of current events, and grand cameraderie.

But let’s look ahead to the NR Post-Election Cruise this November 14-21 on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam. I received a reservation report on Friday — sales continue at a stunning pace. Over 140 cabins so far have been claimed. And why not, when you consider the super speaker line-up we’ve arranged?

The two dozen-plus All Stars who will be on board include the likes of Scott Rasmussen, the ace pollster. Can you imagine hearing from him the intimate and telling details of election surveys and exit polls, giving an intelligent and informed view as to why voters voted as they did on Election Day?

What about Victor Davis Hanson, Professor Bernard Lewis, and Andrew McCarthy — all who will be aboard? Picture a panel session where these three great intellectuals and writers discuss terrorism, the determination of our enemies, and the mindset of the bowing Obama Administration and its maddening responses to the relentless threats to American lives and freedom.

Wouldn’t you have a great evening having dined with — pick your Goldberg — Jonah or Bernie, discussing everything from the heck-bent liberal media to the roots of the Left’s id (and maybe even Star Trek!)?

Join this super voyage. To find out more information (prices start at only $1,899 a person) or to reserve your wonderful stateroom, don’t delay: Visit our dedicated website,


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