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Wednesday links

For Dr. Seuss’s birthday, his little-known book of nudes: The Seven Lady Godivas (SFW), plus Private Snafu: The World War II Propaganda Cartoons Created by Dr. Seuss, Frank Capra, and Mel Blanc, and “This is Ann . . . she drinks blood!”: Dr Seuss Does Malaria.

Why Is It ‘Eleven, Twelve’ Instead of ‘Oneteen, Twoteen’?

Why Being a “Black Sheep” Is a Bad Thing and Other Ag-Idioms Explained.

1970s-era Air Force Rescue Beacon Disguised as Dog Poop, plus lipstick guns and shoe transmitters.

Can’t get/afford tickets to Hamilton? Here it is re-enacted by Marshmallow Peeps.

The Moral Threat of Bicycles in the 1890s.

ICYMI, Monday’s links are here, and include that time Columbus tricked Jamaicans using foreknowledge of a lunar eclipse, Leap Day/Year links, bulletproof sofas, vintage sexist ads, and historic mad scientists.


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