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Wednesday links

Video and infographic: the evolution of the Batmobile. Related: Closer Look At The Batmobile From Batman v Superman.

Movie Scenes Before And After The Special Effects Were Added.

Sure, Superman Has X-Ray Vision. But How Would It Actually Work?

Happy Purim: Here’s the SNL skit where Gilda Radner explains that she saves up all of her orgasms for this day.

Freud’s Case Studies in Hysteria As a Graphic Novel.

Map: Imperial Europe’s Penal Colonies.

ICYMITuesday’s links are here, and include William Shatner’s 85th birthday (with a Star Wars/Monty Python mashup), why your nose runs when it’s cold, explaining the Italian/New Jersey accent, and video of a baby elephant trying to figure out how his trunk works.


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