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Wednesday Links

It’s the birthday of Dr. Samuel Johnson: Here’s a selection of his excellent insults.

82-year-old shopkeeper fought off a robber by whacking him with her walking stick.

Bacon Vending Machine.

From 1803, The Ottoman Empire’s First Map of the Newly Minted United States.

How to Jump from a Moving Train Using Science

Study of French postmen’s testicles — the researchers taped thermometers to men’s testicles to try to work out if both are the same temperature.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include the anniversary of the 1814 battle of Baltimore (inspiration for the Star-Spangled Banner), code breakers of Renaissance Venice, Tater Tot history, the guy who collects the mud used to treat every single regulation major league baseball, and how ancient Romans managed to build perfectly straight roads.

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More Evidence the Guardrails Are Gone

At the end of last month, just as the news of the Ukraine scandal started dominating the news cycle, I argued that we're seeing evidence that the guardrails that staff had placed around Donald Trump's worst instincts were in the process of breaking down. When Trump's staff was at its best, it was possible to draw ... Read More
Politics & Policy

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest

If you want to run for office, political consultants will hammer away at one point: Tell stories. People respond to stories. We’ve been a story-telling species since our fur-clad ancestors gathered around campfires. Don’t cite statistics. No one can remember statistics. Make it human. Make it relatable. ... Read More
National Review


Today is my last day at National Review. It's an incredibly bittersweet moment. While I've only worked full-time since May, 2015, I've contributed posts and pieces for over fifteen years. NR was the first national platform to publish my work, and now -- thousands of posts and more than a million words later -- I ... Read More
Economy & Business

Andrew Yang, Snake Oil Salesman

Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur and gadfly, has definitely cleared the bar for a successful cause candidate. Not only has he exceeded expectations for his polling and fundraising, not only has he developed a cult following, not only has he got people talking about his signature idea, the universal basic ... Read More

Is America Becoming Sinicized?

A little over 40 years ago, Chinese Communist strongman and reformer Deng Xiaoping began 15 years of sweeping economic reforms. They were designed to end the disastrous, even murderous planned economy of Mao Zedong, who died in 1976. The results of Deng’s revolution astonished the world. In four decades, ... Read More