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Wednesday links

V-J Day: 70 years ago today, the end of WWI came with Japan’s official surrender

Here’s Bernie Sanders’s cringe-inducing 1987 spoken-word folk song album

Foiurteen movie characters who were supposed to die, but didn’t

Taking specialization a bit too far: This leech feeds on hippo rectums

Doing the math: How much lembas would the fellowship need walking into Mordor?

The birth of the bicycle after volcanoes killed all of the horses.

ICYMIFriday’s links are here, and include the anniversary of Skynet self-awareness, the truth about chastity belts, why some athletes drink their own urine, and 1896 advice on electric-car driving.

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Politics & Policy

Ilhan Omar: A Hostage Situation

‘It has to stop,” says Representative Ilhan Omar. No, it does not. Representative Omar, the Jew-hating Minnesota Democrat, is engaged in one of her usual games of misdirection, a pattern of hers that by now is familiar enough to be predicted: She says something outrageously stupid, offensive, ... Read More
Film & TV

Everyone Is Wrong about The Searchers

The greatest Western of all time . . . isn’t. Though The Searchers is regularly hailed as the finest exemplar of its genre and one of the best movies of any kind (seventh-best of all time, according to the decennial Sight & Sound poll), John Ford’s 1956 film is mediocre for most of its run time. Nearly ... Read More