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Wednesday Links

June 6 is D-Day: quotes (Shakespeare, Eisenhower, Churchill), videos (footage, FDR’s and Reagan’s speeches, Horrible Histories, a Lego re-enactment), weather forecasting in 1944, more.

Birds Travel Thousands of Miles to Save Energy.

What Was the Point of Elevator Music?

“Your smile is a naughty goblin”: foolproof pick-up lines, per Chinese scientists

Thai military called in to halt garlic smuggling.

Neuroscience: several possible reasons why we can’t remember dreams.

ICYMI, Monday’s links are here, and include a 1985 list of Western musical groups banned on Soviet radio, the strange history of the “King-Pine” (a.k.a. the pineapple), that time Thomas Jefferson sent a moose to Paris, and transmitting data through lamps and streetlights.


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