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Wednesday Odd Links

Cross stitched Zelda map.  And here’s a crocheted coral reef — click through all of the images.


Armchair logic quiz.


Finger Length May Predict Financial Success.

Evolutionary Origins of Hiccups and Hernias.



Texas man suing to become a Hooters girl.


Tesla’s greatest fictional inventions.

Bacon martini, bacon beer, bacon bourbon and more.


Worker shoots himself in arm without a gun.

An Etymologist’s View of the World. Click through the photo gallery.  And here’s a smell map.


The Magic of Mushroom Spores.

If You Dropped a Corn Kernel From Space, Would it Pop During Re-Entry?

The Bird Diaper.


Photo gallery of arctic paintings.


How would I go about laundering money?


Exploding banana head man.

Robotic exoskeleton to amplify the strength of the wearer’s arms.


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