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From Debby, My OLG:

For Die Hard fans: you might consider voting for John McClane for President.


Robot squirrel used to infiltrate native squirrel population.   Fascinating video – autistic savant draws aerial view of Rome after a helicopter ride.   5 Scientific Laws and the Scientists Behind Them.   Man uses revolver as back scratcher.  Guess what happened?    How to catch up on lost sleep.   Skydiving with a wingsuit – video.  Related – a strap on helicopter.   The 10 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies of All Time.   Fractal furniture.  Click on “works” on the left side.   Cow the size of a small elephant.   A lightbulb in a firehouse in Livermore, CA, has been burning continuously since 1901.   Working NES controller/coffee table.   William Shatner says he hated sleeping with “Star Trek” fans because they’d pretend he was beaming them up in bed.   Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope.   Steak flavored beer designed for dogs.    The British Ministry of Defense plans to make UFO files available to the public.

Graph Theory Meets the 7 Vices.   This has been around the internet for years but I haven’t seen it lately: 1943 Guide to Hiring Women.  And here’s a 1939 Marital Rating Scale for wives.


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