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Wednesday Stuff

For Veterans’ Day — Remembering the Great War.  And, sorta related, useful stuff you learn in the military:

That’s when Jack remembered the military mantra he relied on during his 38 years in the army.

“You define the problem…you identify alternatives… you accumulate relevant information… and then you make a decision. My problem was I got this tree in me,” explained the tree accident victim.

Large Hadron Collider: Damaged by a Time-Traveling Bird?

Newborn Babies Cry with Mother’s Accent.

Christmas lights, cheap.

American woman suffers amnesia after intercourse.

Defective underwear lawsuit.

A 1935 U.S. Plan for Invasion of Canada.

Rich “may evolve into separate species.”

Volcano lancing in Italy.

Water droplets bouncing around on a sheet of water, in extreme slow motion.

Picture of the day: Sumo wrestlers on bikes.

What Your Taste in Beer Says About You.

Seven questions that keep physicists up at night.

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