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Weekend Reading

AT WAR: STEPHEN SPRUIELL: Major Schmidt serves, above and beyond. “Operation Dreamseed” 4/18/ 12:00

RELIGION: KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Catholic educators have Catholic responsibilities. “Higher Standards” 4/18/ 12:00

DOCUMENTARY: DAVE BERG: Expelled’s endeavor is to respond to one simple question: “Were we designed, or are we simply the end result of an ancient mud puddle struck by lightning?” “Intelligent Critique” 4/18/ 12:00

HISTORY: DAVID KLINGHOFFER: Expelled’s claim that Darwinism was a crucial part of Nazi ideology is based on impeccable scholarship. “Hitler & Darwin” 3/28 12:30

AUDIO: PARENTING: BETSY HART: The economic costs of divorce are eye-popping. “It Takes a Parent” 4/18/ 12:00

AUDIO: WEEK IN REVIEW: RADIO DERB: Listen to John Derbyshire on Brigitte Bardot, the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, England’s first Islamic pub, and much more. “Radio Derb” 4/18/ 12:00

BOOKS: JOHN O’SULLIVAN: Eric Felten’s new book on the cocktail is a kind of cocktail itself. “Serious Drinking ” 4/18 12:00

PLUS: Steyn and Barone

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