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Weep For Fibber Magees

The law’s the law, of course, but read the sad tale of Fibber Magees, the pub that fought against Ireland’s smoking ban – and lost.

“The Western Health Board, which is responsible for enforcing the ban in western Ireland, said it was preparing files to prosecute customers who smoked in Fibber Magees on Wednesday night. Each violator could be fined up to $3,700 or spend three months in jail.”

“…the crowd dispersed when government leaders announced they would crush any further opposition to the ban…”

“In the southern port of Cobh, County Cork, another publican announced he also had stopped letting customers smoke in his pub. Danny Brogan said he had little choice — his pub was now “crawling” with officials.”

’Health Mullahs’? Yes, I think so.

Via Reason.

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