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Weiner: ‘Enormous Respect’ for the Clintons, but He’s Staying In

Anthony Weiner told reporters today that he has “enormous respect for the Clintons,” who reportedly are “livid” over being connected to the tumultuous campaign, but he still doesn’t intend to drop out of the race for mayor of New York City.

At a small-business forum on Dyckman Street in Manhattan this morning, a reporter asked Weiner, “If not the Clintons, what would it take for you to drop out of the race?” The candidate responded, “They’ve been enormous friends to my wife, to my family; there should be no, no intent to disrespect. But what I’ve been trying to make clear is that what is important to me in this race is the ideas that animated me to run. I recognize I am not a perfect messenger, I get that. I knew that when I got into this race that these things behind me might be a problem for voters, I understand that.”

“I’ve got a lot to prove to everyone in this city,” he admitted.


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