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Weiner Rival Demands Apology for ‘Carlos Danger’ Alias

One of New York City’s mayoral candidates is demanding that Anthony Weiner apologize to Hispanics for his use of “Carlos Danger” as an online pseudonym.

Rev. Erick Salgado, who hails from the Bronx and is of Puerto Rican descent, claims the name is insulting to Hispanics. “For Anthony Weiner to hide under a Spanish name to do his bad behavior is very insulting to the Spanish community,” Salgado said yesterday.

“I believe he have [sic] to apologize to the Latino community. Every time many people do wrong behavior [sic], it’s always a Carlito, a Pedrito, a Miguelito. But behind that name, it was really not a Carlito. It was a ‘Anthony Weiner.’ You have to apologize to the Latino community. It’s an insult,” Salgado said.

Salgado resigned as the President of Radio Cantico Nuevo, a radio ministry, in order to run for mayor of the Big Apple. You can see his remarks in the video below.

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