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TMZ reports that even as his Twitpic scandal was unfolding, and as he was offering PR advice to a former porn star (potentially in violation of federal law), Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.) continued to employ his “edgy” (his words) sense of humor to make light of the situation:

Amid the coaching sesh, Weiner tossed in a laugh-banger to lighten the mood — “Btw, I’m sponsoring a line of twitpic ready undies. I need a name.”

Ginger played along, writing back “I want twitpic ready undies. Hook a bitch up, I never get cool sh*t. Just sayin’.” 

Taken together with the brazen dishonesty and facetious innuendo he displayed in interviews prior to his “exposure” at the hands of Andrew Breitbart, Weiner’s behavior clearly suggests that he thought himself capable of talking his way out of the controversy. Perhaps he really is “too arrogant” for Ed Schultz. But good to see he’s got something to fall back on should he have to resign and the whole NYC mayor thing doesn’t work out. I wonder what the ShamWow guy is up to these days…

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