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Weiner’s Final Trainwreck Interview

Anthony Weiner showed off his combative personality one last time before the polls opened for voting in the Democratic primary of the New York mayoral race. The interview got heated from the very beginning when MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Weiner, “What is wrong with you?”

O’Donnell consistently slammed Weiner for “not [having] a fully healthy pursuit” in constantly seeking elected office, to which the former congressman repeatedly rejected the host’s nonstop “haranguing” and mocked the show’s and network’s low ratings. When O’Donnell offered to continue the interview online, Weiner fired back, “Nobody watches this show! Who’s going to watch online?”

The conversation continued to be contentious as emotions ran high. Asked about his plans after his likely defeat in the primary, Weiner told O’Donnell, “Maybe I’ll come on this show and kick your ass every night.” The host eventually signed off bidding farewell to “the ever delusional Anthony Weiner.”


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