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Weird Links of the Day

Sorry for the tardiness. From Debby, my Odd Link Gal:

A fascinating video explaining the Expanding Earth theory of geological change over time. [YouTube]   Origami tessellations, all made from a single sheet of paper.  Link   US to take own food to Olympics.   This engineer has a subcutaneously implanted wireless blood-fueled touch-screen that operates as a cell phone display, with the potential for 3G video calls that are visible just underneath the skin.   Female G spot ‘can be detected’ by ultrasound.   Article about plant-animal hybrids.  Link   Churches carved out of ice.   Star Trek star charts.   Collection of postcards from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.  Link   Videos of Earthrise, taken from the moon.  Link

Interesting – The number 10^122 keeps popping up in odd places.

The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2008.

Music video for Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit starring the original Star Trek crew. Link   Britain’s Invisible Tanks.

A car that runs on compressed air and releases no pollutants into the atmosphere at low speeds could be on sale in India as soon as this year.   Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in your head.   



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