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From Media Research Center: I’m a Tom Ricks fan, so I find this even more odd coming from him than some others. Of course, we have all (ok, I) have said odd things from time to time (yes, some more than others), but this is simply, well….:


Tim Russert

April 5, 2003

Tim Russert: “As we speak on this day, Tom Ricks, what’s the latest? What, where are we in this operation?”

Tom Ricks, Washington Post: “We’re in Baghdad. It’s really striking when you see that, this U.S. Army move last night, daytime their time, where they did basically what armored guys call a ‘Thunder Run.’ They just went hell, hellbent for leather straight into downtown Baghdad. And it reminded me of that old gay slogan. I mean no disrespect here. ‘We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.’ It’s, ‘We’re here. We’re the U.S. military. Get used to it.’ And no matter what that information minister may be telling you, you can’t deny the sound of tank treads coming through downtown Baghdad.”


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