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The Welcome Return of Arrested Development

Arrested Development is coming back, and I couldn’t be more excited. Originally, when somebody told me about the show, I figured, “Oh great, another cynical Larry David–esque show with callback references rather than actual punchlines.” And yeah, it’s kind of that. But it’s also the most absurd, bizarre, and laugh-out-loud funny show of the last 20 years.

Now for the obligatory political analysis: The show is liberal. The show’s take on foreign policy is completely anti-Bush and, more controversially, anti-military, which has become a relative no-no in Hollywood these days. The show made fun of the military’s supposed inability to recruit, Abu Ghraib, and the PATRIOT Act; it referenced Fahrenheit 9/11 and mocked the lack of WMD stockpiles in Iraq. The show mocks social conservatism on a regular basis.

But the show is still absurdly hilarious. It does have that Larry David “attack anything and everything, but conservatives more often” feel to it. It’s got Tobias Funke, the world’s first analrapist (analyst/therapist); Lindsay, who protests the war in Iraq just so that she can feel like a sex object to the watching boors; Michael, who almost marries a woman because she’s beautiful (Charlize Theron) even though it turns out that she’s a MRF (mentally retarded female); and George Sr., who teaches lessons to his children by hiring a one-armed man to scare them.

My wife and I still routinely quote Arrested Development, as do all other ardent fans of the show. Every time something sad happens, we do the Charlie Brown callout (this is such a genius callout — look to see the beagle on top of the red doghouse in the background). When something exciting happens, the music from “The Final Countdown” is called for. And, of course, “Come on!” and “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Fox made a huge mistake by taking this off air. If they were going to bring back a show, it shouldn’t have been Family Guy, that’s for damn sure.

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