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Welfare Wahabbi

Worried about what looks like a rapidly crumbling future, Tony Blair has finally deigned to start looking at the immigration mess his government has created in Britain. Quoting the Daily Telegraph, Blogger Scott Burgess notes that “The Prime Minister said there were limited problems with bogus asylum seekers and some radical Muslim clerics “coming here to preach religious hate” and support terrorism. But he stressed that the number of such cases was small and claimed that the way in they had been reported in the media had blown them out of proportion.”

“Good”, writes Burgess, “Given that the number of such cases is so small, appropriate action can presumably be taken quickly. Or perhaps not. Just yesterday, notorious Sheikh Abu Hamza [a grotesque ‘imam’ well-known in Britain for his hardline views] had his deportation hearing postponed until next year – in part because: “Mr. Hamza’s failure to take part in the legal procedures and produce any evidence in his defence has caused delays.”

Burgess then lists a “few of the “limited problems” to which Blair refers,” basically one unrepentant – and ungrateful –Taliban, and a motley collection of ‘imams’ whose fanaticism and superstition appear to be matched only by their idleness and greed.


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