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Well Healed

Time heals all wounds. So they say, and it must be true, because I saw Abe Lincoln last night and he was in excellent shape (either that or he was a very good Lincoln impersonator). Anyway, it turns out that our 16th president has actually read Andrew Ferguson’s new book, Land of Lincoln. (Given the fact that we were at a party for Land of Lincoln, this seemed particularly appropriate.) Anyway, Lincoln said he absolutely loved the book, thought it dead on, and he seemed very sincere in his praise. As someone who constantly attends events in commemoration of…er, himself, I take this fellow to be the ultimate authority on America’s Lincoln phenomenon. So there’s an endorsement to be proud of (and perhaps a blurb for the paperback). I can’t claim that level of expertise, but for my own brief thoughts on Land of Lincoln, go here.

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