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Well, I Was One

I was an MSNBC viewer. I’ve been at home for the past couple of weeks, trying to finish writing a book before leaving for Texas, and I’ve had the TV on the Fox-CNN-MSNBC rotation since the war started. I’ve really enjoyed watching MSNBC, especially their overnight crew. I like Dan Abrams. But good grief, that Arnett interview is sickening. No wonder he’s still in Baghdad, beloved by his fascist hosts, while other journalists have been kicked out, or have gone missing while in the tender care of the Ministry of Information. Arnett’s bootlicking is an affront to journalism, and worse, an affront to decency. Sorry MSNBC, but as long as that cretin is “reporting” for Baghdad, you’ve lost me. Send him to al-Jazeera, why don’t you?

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