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Well, At Least Somebody Is Happy With The McCain Interview

The Obama campaign — not the McCain campaign — is sending out a transcript of McCain’s interview with Laura, in which McCain refused to discuss any aspect of the vice-presidential selection process.  From Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor:

In response to the increasingly vocal and angry conservative response to reports that McCain may choose a pro-choice vice president, Senator McCain took to right-wing radio today on the Laura Ingraham Show to calm the Republican base. But as you’ll see from the transcript below, it didn’t go well:

INGRAHAM: And I’ve got to tell you I’m looking at the rundown here, about 85% of the questions are about your vice presidential pick and here’s one of the questions. How could you consider selecting someone who opposed the federal partial birth abortion ban and was one of the eleven original cosponsors of the radical freedom of choice act as your vice president given your pro-life stance how could you do that?

MCCAIN: The one thing I can’t do Laura and I’ll talk about anything you want to but the process that we’re in. I just can’t do it. We get into this endless series of questions and comments. There’s already been things out there in the media, he’s already made up his mind, he’s going to announce on such and such a day. I have not made the decision and we’re in the process, and if I say anything more than that I guarantee you there’s going to be another one of these firestorms. Obviously we’re going to be announcing soon because we have no choice, but I got to tell you it’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever done because we have so many highly qualified (audio cuts).

INGRAHAM: Can you at least say whether there are certain positions that are non-negotiable for your vice presidential pick?

MCCAIN: I can’t talk about it because if I do I would get down a slippery slope. I think I made it very clear Saturday night that I have a pro-life record, that I have pro-life policies and my administration will have pro-life policies.



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