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Well, Surprise, Surprise

So George W. Bush is more popular now than Mitt Romney. How can this be? Isn’t the former governor of Massachusetts, you know, running for president or something?

The answer is simple: Bush has been out of the public eye — and thus away from media attention — for nearly four years, which means that his policy of never fighting back against the Democrats and their MSM allies is finally showing results. Maybe nice guys don’t finish last after all.

Meanwhile, along the firing line, the one-sided war continues. If the Ku Klux Klan used to be the armed wing of the Democratic Party, its place has now been taken by the media, who lay down covering fire for Barack Obama on a daily basis, so determined are they to prove the rightness of their cause. The media went heavily into the tank for Obama in ‘08 because he represented the apogee of their view of the civil-rights struggle of the 1960s. They sacrificed everything to get him elected, most especially their own code of professional ethics, and cannot sit idly by and watch their crowning achievement rejected by a flyover country they’ve always viewed with suspicion and resentment.

So, now starring as Bush 43… Mitt Romney! Like Bush, Mitt and his krack kadre of kampaign konsultants have adopted a speak-no-evil strategy, the Texas swagger replaced with the guilty pleasures of PB&J and chocolate milk – even as Romney’s being hammered (and thus, in the absence of pushback, defined) as a rapacious Gilded Age plutocrat hell-bent on creating fleets of widows and orphans to be thrown upon stingy public charities while he shutters businesses, torches trailer parks and builds himself a new mansion in La Jolla.

Meanwhile, Barry skates — on everything. It’s long past time for those on the Right to drop the tired formulation, “If this were Bush…” It’s not like the media is going to be shamed into acknowledging its own double-standard — that’s what double-standards are for. The plain truth is that the MSM has internalized the leftist mantra that D=good and R=bad, and that’s not going to change until there is no more MSM. And that won’t happen until conservative donors understand that elections are fought, won and lost in the media according to the dictates of Karl Rove’s klipboard, and not by Super PAC advertising in targeted swing states, which will be approximately… never.

In the meantime, deal with reality. And the reality is, the media has graciously accepted the challenge to find another George W. Bush. His name is Mitt Romney. And until Romney can successfully present another, different Barack Obama to the voting public, he’s going to end up the same way — minus the two terms in office.

Michael Walsh — Mr. Walsh is the author of the novels Hostile Intent and Early Warning and, writing as frequent NRO contributor David Kahane, Rules for Radical Conservatives.


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