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Well, That Was Fast

I wrote on the homepage today how, after getting stonewalled, we sued Cory Booker and the City of Newark over police records that we were refused access to. Per Politico, here is a statement from Booker spokesman James Allen:

The request in question was filed with Office of the City Clerk, the custodian of records that operates independently of the Office of the Mayor. Because no electronic police records exist for this time period and the Clerk’s search of microfilm records did not produce any results, the Clerk directed the Police Department to perform a manual search of hard copy archives. The Clerk notified the National Review that they anticipated a response on or before September 13th and did not receive an objection. Officials at the Police Department searched extensively and located hard copies of the incident report. The Clerk has indicated that the National Review will receive the records on Thursday, prior to the deadline.

We’ll see what they produce.


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