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Wendy Davis: I’m Pro-life

Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is already looking to remake her image as an abortion-rights heroine by redefining what it means to be “pro-life.” 

“I’m pro-life,” she said at one of her first campaign stops before next year’s election. “I care about the life of every child; every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future.”

Davis burst onto the national stage and became a political star for her filibuster opposing abortion restrictions. In the conservative Lonestar State though, her stance on abortion is expected to hurt her popularity with Texans; the latest PPP poll found that Davis trailed her opponent, Republican Texas attorney general Greg Abbott, by 15 points (35 percent to 50 percent).


The Dossier Deceit

The Dossier Deceit

John Durham’s latest indictment reinforces that the Russian collusion conspiracy was built on a preposterous foundation.

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