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We’re Undocumented, We’re Discontented, Get Used to It

Okay, so it’s not catchy, but it’s the best I could up with for a chant to go with the current cover of Time magazine:

We're not leaving

Professional illegal alien (and sometime reporter) Jose Antonio Vargas (in the center of the above photo) has a long piece (behind the paywall) arguing that amnesty is an entitlement that Americans are morally obliged to confer on him and his fellow illegal aliens. When he spoke at Ohio State last month on his “Look at Me! I’m an Illegal Alien!” tour, I was there for a conference and asked him whether all 104 million people from the Philippines (his home country) should be allowed to move here. He said something to the effect of, “of course there should be limits, but they have to part of a broader, comprehensive, blah, blah, blah” — you get the idea. He goes on and on about how the pro-amnesty movement is the 21st-century Underground Railroad, equating it not with the civil-rights movement, a repellent-enough comparison but a now-common trope, but with abolitionism. He’s so obnoxious even some of the lefty professors were uncomfortable with his schtick. The prominence of Vargas’s grievance-driven, rights-based, in-your-face approach to amnesty is the best news restrictionists have had in a long time.

Another possible chant: “We’re Unauthorized, We’re Not Chastised, Get Used to It”. Yeah, it doesn’t roll off my tongue either. If you have better ones, put them in the comments.


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