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Weren’t They Listening?

Radio Derb endorsed Michael Prokhorov for the Russian presidency last week.

Odds are we’ll be looking at a Putin victory on Sunday. In the unlikely event he doesn’t break 50 percent, there’ll be a runoff with the number two. It could be worse. Putin’s a gangster, but a disciplined one, unlike Yeltsin. Of the others, Zhirinovsky’s barmy, the communist is a communist, and Fair Russia is so pro-Putin we might as well have Putin.

Only Prokhorov’s a palatable alternative; he’s also the only one not viciously anti-American. He’s young, vigorous, smart, and understands capitalism. At six percent in the polls, Prokhorov’s not going to be the next Russian president; but for what it’s worth, Radio Derb endorses him anyway.

Alas, it was all for naught. It looks as though we’re stuck with Putin, this time for a six-year term. If he gets a second term in 2018, by the end of it he’ll have been running the country for 24 years.

Russian leaders do tend to go on and on, though. Catherine the Great ruled for 34 years; Ivan the Temperamentally Challenged for 37 years; Peter for 43 years. Russia will survive Putin.

OK, I’m off to Hillsdale College to spread gloom, despair, and skepticism towards the Axiom of Choice. Later.


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