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Wes Clark: ‘Strongest Relationship with Israel’ We’ve Ever Had

 Wes Clark, like Christianne Amanpour, may also have missed some important news.  His statement about our relationship with Israel being “the strongest it’s ever been” was somewhat surprising.  On ABC’s This Week, he said: 

We’ve got a Democratic president who’s been strongest on national security, he’s completely taken the national security and foreign policy argument away from the other side.  He reinforced in Afghanistan, he got us responsibly out of Iraq, we took Osama bin Laden, he’s been firm, he’s been visionary, he’s been tough, he’s decisive.  So, I know what the Republican narrative wants to be, but when you get below the rhetoric there are no facts to support these charges. In fact, we worked anti-missile defense, Poland’s happy, other nations in Europe seem to be happy, we’ve got the strongest relationship with Israel that we’ve ever had, very good relations there, so I just don’t find much ground in these comments.