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Wes The Spoiler

Looking at the results from the Tennessee

Democratic primary, I was struck by the fact that the combined Clark-Edwards

vote trumped Kerry’s. Given that Gen. Wesley Clark never came up with a

compelling rationale for his campaign, I can’t help wondering if we’d still

have a Democratic horserace if he’d never run, allowing John Edwards to

emerge as the alternative to Kerry. Probably not, but it’s worth thinking

about. Personally, I’m tickled that Kerry’s going to be the guy (if we can’t

have Ho-Ho, that is). Edwards would have been a more formidable opponent

than a dull Senate liberal from Massa-gay-marriage-chusetts. If Kerry loses

this fall, though, I think Dems in a recriminatory mood may be wise to see

vanity candidate Wes Clark as a spoiler.


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