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West: ‘Left Tries to Win the Women’s Vote by Talking from the Waist Down’

Democrats are lashing out at Mike Huckabee for his recent “libido” comments because he exposed their strategy to appeal to women voters, says Allen West. He called the Left’s “war on women” claims demeaning to women, and disingenuous given the mistreatment of women around the world, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Governor Huckabee is right — government is trying to be the sugar daddy,” the former Florida representative said in defense of Huckabee on Newsmax TV on Friday. “I’m going to be very blunt: The Left tries to win the women’s vote by talking from the waist down.”

West slammed the hypocrisy of Huckabee’s critics for their concerns about a “war on women,” but staying silent on the abuse of women in the Middle East, such as Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teenager who survived a targeted attack by a Taliban gunman for trying to go to school. “You don’t hear anything from the Left speaking out about that,” he said.

To counter Democrats’ efforts and appeal to women, Republicans “have to talk to their heart, and ”talk to their mind” West proposed.​

Via Newsmax.