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Western Beirut Falls to the … Internal Struggle for Personal Betterment

Has anyone noticed that Hezbollah is taking over Lebanon?  CNN describes some of the good works being done in what appears to be the Party of Allah’s sweeping push to become better people:

Hezbollah militias took control of western Beirut on Friday, dealing a major blow to the U.S.-backed government in the worst sectarian violence since the end of Lebanon’s civil war in 1990.

Walid Jumblatt, a Druze leader and part of the pro-government coalition, described it as a “coup.”

Two pro-government TV stations shut down. Nadim Mounla, the head of Future TV, said Hezbollah was sending a “clear message” that it would destroy the stations.

Later, an engineer from Future TV said that, according to witnesses, the station’s building in predominantly Muslim West Beirut had been set on fire….

Man, President Obama is going to have a lot of people to negotiate with.


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