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Several readers have asked me what I think of the Westminster results last night as I’ve written several times about Westminster’s deep-seated bias against real dogs (See here and here ). Unfortunately, I missed it last night to go to the AEI dinner. But I did see, Josh, the Best in Show winner the night before during the working dog competition. He appears to be a simply outstanding

newfie. I would point out that while it is great news a big dog won, if you look at his competition it’s still clear that the small dog bias is still strong. He was up against a Pekinese, an Ibizan, a poodle and a Norfolk terrier and a corgi — all dogs he could kill by rolling over on them in his sleep. And, with the exception of the Pekinese (Derb, when will they change that to Beijinese?) they all came from categories where larger, more serious, dogs were competing (for the record I love corgies because they, like bassets, are merely large dogs with short legs).


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