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WFB’s Classic on the Fall of the Wall

The Baltimore Sun praised it as “Eloquent . . . immensely readable . . . the saga of the victory of capitalism over the brutal and irrational fraud that was state socialism.” The Washington Times called it a “great narrative of democratic survival and democratic victory.” Publishers Weekly crowed, “Buckley’s lucid account celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit and the will to achieve freedom.” Even Vanity Fair gushed: It “decodes the Cold War endgame.”

If you’re surprised that Bill Buckley could be a great historian, don’t be: his The Fall of the Berlin Wall is a concise, riveting, and brilliant history, explaining why the infamous Wall was built, its consequences to the free on one side and the tyrannized on the other, and a review of the events that lead to its fall and the end of the Cold War.

You can have a copy of the hardcover 2004 edition, part of the 48 copies we have from WFB’s private stash, for $12, which includes shipping and handling.

Note: We have sold out of this item.

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