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WH Press Secretary: Hobby Lobby Ruling ‘Jeopardizes’ Women’s Health

The Hobby Lobby ruling, which allows businesses a religious exemption to the HHS mandate, “jeopardizes the health of women who are employed by these companies,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

“President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves, rather than their bosses deciding for them,” he said at a White House briefing Monday. “We will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by this decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else.”

Earnest said that the president “believes strongly in the freedom of religion,” noting that accommodations have been made for religious institutions and non-profit religious organizations who have religious objections to contraceptive care. “But we believe that the owners of for-profit companies should not be allowed to assert their personal religious views to deny their employees federally mandated benefits,” he said.

The Obama administration will respect the Supreme Court ruling, Earnest insisted. They will continue to look for ways improve health care, he said,” by helping women have more, not less say over the personal health decisions that affect them and their families.”

Later in the briefing, Earnest said that the constitutional lawyer in the Oval Office disagrees with the Supreme’s Court decision. 



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