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The WH’s Response to Kenya Massacre Is Logically Consistent — and Utterly Absurd

What caused nearly 150 deaths at Kenya’s Garissa University College last week? The Associated Press summarizes: “The attackers separated Christian students from Muslim ones and massacred the Christians.”

Yet here is what the White House had to say in response:

And the U.S. Department of State:

I noted in February that “Christian,” as either adjective or noun, was conspicuously absent from the White House statement condemning the beheading of 22 Egyptian Coptic Christians — or, as the White House called them, “citizens.”

Meanwhile, about “recent violence against civilians in Syria,” the State Department wrote:

Ismailis and Alawites are members of two small Muslim sects.

Recognizing the victims in Kenya or Egypt as Christians would require explaining why they were killed, which would draw the White House dangerously close to acknowledging that the “extremism” they so detest may, in fact, be of a particular religious flavor. But — and here is why the Ismailis, &c. appear — how could these extremists be Muslim if they are also killing Muslims!?

It all fits together. It’s all consistent. And it’s all deceitful.


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