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WH Slips Up Trying to Show How Easy It Is to Apply for Obamacare

The latest Obamacare glitch has come, ironically, as part of an effort to display the law’s simplicity. The White House botched a graphic intended to show that applications for health insurance on Obamacare’s exchanges are shorter than existing health-care forms, but the animation shows the same application page twice, as both Page 1 and 2 of the new forms.

The blog post, titled “Apply for Health Insurance Just Got Easier,” presents the application for the health-insurance marketplace next to the current 20-page application for health insurance, which is quite misleading. In May, Eliana Johnson pointed out that the new Obamacare forms aren’t actually just three pages. Embarrassed when the original applications for the exchanges were 21 pages, the White House claimed that it shortened and simplified the forms, when in reality it only made additional forms into appendices and made the standard format the one that applies to a couple rather than a family.


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