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Whaddya Gonna Do?

The imperialistic, capitalistic Christian Crusaders and their Jewish overlords have made video games that are so good Arab kids <a href="

” target=”_blank”> can’t avoid playing them even though they’re racist:

Cairo – Glued to computer screens in a Cairo cybercafe, Egyptian teenagers lead United States forces against China and a shadowy Middle Eastern group, while most of the country seethes in anger against US policy in the region.

The US-produced computer game Command and Conquer: Generals portrays a scenario in which the US and China battle the Global Liberation Army (GLA), a Middle Eastern underground movement with a fondness for chemical weapons.

The teenagers say the game reinforces the western image of Arabs as “terrorists” with introductory scenes showing them gunning down civilians and stealing US aid, but the graphics and high-octane action keeps them hooked.

“I really like the game. I play it every day. I miss it if I don’t play it for a day. I know it’s racist but what can I do? It’s a good game,” said 16-year-old Ahmed Mohsen.


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