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But What About My Hangnail?

I just listened to some treacle from some woman — and a bunch of callers — on C-Span radio about how glorious the Senate compromise is. I don’t have a problem with people supporting or opposing the deal based on the merits. But this line about how “now, the people’s business can be done!” drives me nuts. This woman explained that while the bases of both parties wanted a showdown over filibusters, most people weren’t paying attention, they’re saying things like “Hey, I’ve got to get my kid to the doctor.”

Maybe so, but is your kid going to get to the doctor any quicker because Pricilla Owen gets a up-or-down floor vote? Should the Senate really be catering to the demands of the people who aren’t paying attention?

I hate this sort of cheap populism where people assume that whatever the Senate is doing now isn’t the real priority. Well the whole point of prioritizing is that you can really only do one thing at a time. This was the moment for judges. And, frankly, I have no idea when the doctor’s office shuttle service comes up for a floor vote.


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