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What Are You Doing Tonight in New York City? How about Witnessing to Hope and Life?

I Lived on Parker Avenue movie poster (Joie De Vivre Media)

Over the weekend, I heard the details of a story involving an eighth grader who was able to rally behind his single mother who broke down and told him she was pregnant and didn’t know what to do after seeing the short documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue. His sister is alive today because of the sharing of an adoption story that involved a birth mother who went to an abortion clinic and summoned the courage to turn away and have her baby and opt for adoption — a prayer answered for a couple who couldn’t have a baby naturally.

We’re showing that movie tonight in New York — and on the same block as an abortion clinic. The block could use some hope about life! (Believe me.)

If you are able, come join us tonight at 7 p.m. in lower Manhattan. You’ll meet a young woman, Sarah Zagorski, who was once in foster care for a number of years, and was finally adopted into a loving family. You’ll meet Lisa Wheeler, who is a foster and adoptive mother and is passionate about education and advocacy about foster care and adoption. And you will meet Ben Clapper, the executive producer of I Lived on Parker Avenue.

Thank you for considering and spreading the word! November is National Adoption Month and in the same year which began with abortion expansion in New York, consider this part of your witness for life — and in an area where people who consider themselves pro-choice and pro-life can come together, to make adoption a real choice women and families consider more widely.

Details about tonight are here. Your coming supports this kind of event so there can be more of them in the future. Goodness knows, we need them.


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