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What Is to Be Done?

Well, the effervescence of outrage at the amnesty deal certainly is encouraging. Lots of readers have been frustrated and perplexed and despairing, asking what they can do. Fear not — this isn’t over yet. I had dinner with several congressmen and staffers tonight and there was real enthusiasm for this fight.

The most effective organization working to mobilize the public on immigration is Numbers USA, which enables people who register to fax Congress free from the web and provides suggested targets and language. A lot of groups on other issues do a half-assed version of this, but Numbers is way more sophisticated, which is why it was one of the important factors in keeping the House from caving on amnesty last year.

The other thing I’m hearing a lot of is along the lines of “I’ll never send the Republican Party another dime.” But there’s anecdotes and then there’s data — it would be interesting to find out if party fundraising declines because of this, or how often the three main GOP fundraising organs get appeals back with this kind of message. To send your own message, you might visit the sites of the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (they especially need it), or the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Finally, it looks like is still around.