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What the Bob Turner Win Means

The sun is out, shining brightly over a congressional district in Queens and Brooklyn this morning.

The Turner win in New York’s 9th Congressional District is a boost to anyone concerned about the future of our country. And in the campaign there, there was the economy and there was Israel but there was undeniably marriage.

If you thought the marriage issue was over, this morning ought to give you pause. New York redefined marriage this summer and the Democratic assemblyman who helped that happen in the congressional district once represented by Geraldine Ferraro paid for his vote at the polls yesterday.

In New York City. A subway ride away from the most “sophisticated” of them all.

Or, as the congressman-elect put it early this morning: “We have been told this is a referendum. And we’re ready to say, ‘Mr. President, we are on the wrong track . . .We are unhappy, I am telling you, I am the messenger. Heed us.’”

That message ought to be heard by a lot more than the president.

Those days when Anthony Weiner’s tweeting was in the news were dark ones, too, culturally, politically. Today is a different day.

There has been a cloud over the United States, over New York. My native land of Chelsea is the zip code where abortion is the highest, in a city of outrageously high 41 percent abortion rates. But that bothers even New Yorkers, too, it turns out – or so a poll this spring suggests. There’s hope on a whole host of issues. So don’t give up. 

Congratulations, Bob Turner, and thank you.

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