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What Cnn Said

I just looked up that Jordanian border scene. Here’s CNN producer Ingrid Formanek talking to Paula Zahn, March 22:

I think you were asking about our negotiations to be able to stay, with everything possible, we pointed out it was in everybody’s interest and CNN’s interest and Iraq’s interest and certainly the interest of the world and of the American people to see what was going on in Baghdad and it was very important to have set of independent eyes and ears to report this. That’s a point that we’ve always made to the Iraqi authorities throughout the years that we have been in Baghdad. We certainly made that point last night. In all of the years we worked there, we pointed out we have reported fairly. We followed the rules and it was in their interests, as well as ours.

Now, of course, it was a request by the network for an interview with the president. Interestingly enough, the Iraqis have never, as far as we could tell, taken advantage of the foreign media in the sense that all of the world, for example, the Bush administration, they take advantage of the media, they speak every minute that they can get of air time they take to get their point across to the world. This is done all over the world. The Iraqis, I think, has never taken full advantage of this. And I think it’s a great missed opportunity because the world can hear and see what’s happening if organizations like CNN are allowed to remain in Baghdad. And a great missed opportunity for everybody.


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