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What Day Is Saturday?

In response to my Impromptus today, I have gotten several e-mails just like the below. It has rather surprised me — although I understand the point of the e-mails. See what you think.

Hi Jay,

My one quibble with your column today has to do with your valediction, which wishes us all a “Happy Fourth of July.” I have put this phrase in the same category — although it is a lesser offense — as “Happy Holidays.” I much prefer “Happy Independence Day.”

When my now teenagers were much younger, I asked them what we were actually celebrating on the Fourth of July. While they did respond with the correct answer, it did not come immediately. We already struggle enough to remember the meaning of what were once revered holidays — holidays that have now been relegated to barbecue and super-sale weekends. I figure it’s worth the extra syllable to remind people what the Fourth is all about.

I like it.


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