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What a Difference a Year in the Life of Ben Carson Makes

Left-wing racists are attacking Johns Hopkins University physician Ben Carson, who delivered a crowd-pleasing speech Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The indispensable Twitchy Team collects many jaw-dropping assaults on Carson as a thinker, a professional, a leader, an American, and a human being.

Carson is an “Uncle Tom,” tweets self-described comedian Laura Levites.

“I’d like to thank brother Malcolm X for explaining the House Negro and Field Negro,” adds “Unabashed class clown” @WiseGuy Eddie, who promises to “make you laugh” in his Twitter profile. “Ben Carson is the former. #CPAC2014″

CEO Elon James White tweets that Carson, whose record in the field of neurosurgery has won plaudits from far beyond the narrow world of politics, defies “science, history, common sense too.”

“They like a black man telling them it’s okay to discriminate and hate political correctness,” feminist funmaker Kaili Joy Gray deduces.

Other epithets hurled by progressive bigots: “lunatic,” “clown,” “house negro” and beneficiary of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” — this last a sophistical phrase baritone Michael Ditto expropriates from former president George W. Bush.

The high toxicity of progressive venom may be partly explained by Carson’s personal history. Though few Americans may have been aware of Carson prior to his breakthrough speech in the presence of President Obama at a 2013 prayer breakfast, fewer still thought of him as a political player in any regard.

Carson was known him mainly through his books, which straddled the inspirational, popular medical and self-help genres, and which included titles such as The Big Picture: Getting Perspective on What’s Really Important in Life; Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story; and America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Country Great. Amazon groups Carson’s Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk among its “Applied Psychology” titles.

That as of late 2012 America the Beautiful was given away to students in the Democrat-controlled Alexandria, Va., public school system, that as of February 2013 Carson was considered a smart choice to share a podium with the president, indicate that the Left viewed Carson as a safely non-political figure.

Carson pointed out Saturday that three signers of the Declaration of Independence were physicians — but it’s clear the leftists attacking him are not overly concerned about his skill in operating, literally, on people’s brains. The embrace between Carson and the Republican party since the prayer breakfast has been mutual and rapid enough to come as a shock to progressive bigots.

In retaliation they have subjected Carson to a string of small-bore sitzkriegs such as a petition demanding that he not give a Johns Hopkins commencement address. These are unlikely to hurt Carson’s standing as either a public figure or potential politician. If they had a case against Carson, the Democrats wouldn’t be going straight to the whip.


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